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Bishop Norman Lyons, Jr. is the founder and senior pastor of the Fountain of Life Church in Uniondale, New York. Bishop Lyons was born and raised in the Church of God in Christ. He benefited from the disciplines of the Church and excelled in his ministerial training. As a result he was ordained

by Bishop O. M. Kelly who was his highest ranking spiritual patriarch. In addition to his national ministry, he has also done missionary work in Haiti, Nigeria, West Africa and Italy. Bishop Lyons has served as an executive council member of the International Council of Local Churches. He has also served as a member of M.E.C.C.A. For seven years Bishop Lyons was a Board Member of the New York Call hosted by Pastor Donnie McClurkin. Bishop Lyons is Chaplain Emeritus for the Long Island Conference of Clergy.  Bishop Lyons has been preaching for over 40 years.

     He has been married to his darling wife, Pastor Sharon, for 42 years. They have pastored the Fountain of Life Church for 39 years. Norman and Sharon are the grateful parents of two daughters, Juliet and Jasmine.  

Josiah Generation Newsletter

It has been said that, "everything rises and falls with leadership." Strong leadership is the fulcrum for a successful society. Each generation requires good leadership in order to live up to its full potential. In order for this to be accomplished, established leadership must impart the love, understanding, It has been said that, and guidance to the succeeding generation of potential leaders.

The Bible is a well spring of examples and insights into the nuances of godly leadership.  Josiah stands out to me because of the striking contrast between him and his forefathers.  Josiah can be used as a godly example of how to be victorious in spite of the negativity of your natural and spiritual blood line. The fact that a wicked king like Amon could have a godly son and successor is a tribute to the grace of God. The grace of God is not limited by who your parents are and not bound by where you were born or where you grew up. As we see in the life of Josiah, the grace of God can take one solitary life and use it to change a nation and the world. 

You are invited to read our subsequent articles about King Josiah and share your comments in our media forums with the Fountain of Youth.  Email us at to receive your free newsletter and join the forum.


Norman H. Lyons, Jr. Ministries Literature


As a younger minister, my Chief Apostle said to me that many preachers write books prematurely.  He advised me to wait until I was older so that I would have more experience in life and ministry before I published my writings. Now after 41 years of preaching and 37 years of pastoring, I have begun the task of writing and publishing my books. After decades of submitting, suffering, and serving, I am glad I waited to write about what I have learned from the Body of Christ and the world. My goal is to be a boost and not a burden, to be a help and not a hinderance, to succeeding generations.

Excerpts from

Lyons' Books

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Faithful Sayings

"Good quotations can fill your mind with good thoughts as you experience bad times. What your mind focuses on in the bad times will determine how you come out. If you can concentrate on that which is victorious, the best can come out of the worst. Wise and witty quotations can help you manage your emotions and attitude."

Breaking Out of Broke

"Deficiency is totally contrary to the will of God for our life. Whatever is contrary

to the will of God for our life should be confronted, fought and defeated."

Five Aspects of Prayer

"Our set apart lifestyle prepares and qualifies our prayers to be heard on high. Prayer is two-way communication between God and Man."

Healing From the Scriptures

Matthew 14:36 - "And besought him that they might only touch the hem of his garment: and as many as touched were made perfectly whole."

Preaching Through the Pain

"The Christian life is all about complicity to the will of God. The anointing is a tangible manifestation of the power of the spirit of God at work to perform His promise."

Giving Honor to My Pastor

Dr. King was a man of prayer. Dr. King was a true prophet. Dr. King was a builder. Dr. King was a scholar. Dr. King was a man, husband, and father.

If You Can't Be Corrected, You Can't Be Covered

Motivational speaking inspires you, but it doesn’t strengthen, settle or establish you.

Faithful Sayings

Faithful Sayings - $7.79
A Collection of
Inspirational Quotations

Breaking Out of Broke

Breaking Out of Broke - $16.50
Seven Steps to Defeating Poverty

Five Aspects of Prayer

Five Aspects of Prayer - $7.29

Healing From the Scriptures

Healing From the Scriptures - $10.99
Bible Verses
for Reading, Reciting and Prayer

If It Can't Be Corrected

If You Can't Be Corrected,
You Can't Be Covered - $9.99

Preaching Through the Pain
Honor to Pastor


Preaching Through the Pain - $16.70
The Lyons Book of Sermons
Volume 1

Giving Honor to My Pastor - $6.99
A Tribute to Dr. Joseph Arnold King

What You Have Is Enough to Get Started

What You Have
Is Enough to Get Started - $6.00

Prosperity Principles

Prosperity Principles
From Proverbs- $10.99

_____________Books are also available on Amazon and BarnesandNoble_____________


Enjoy inspiring words from Bishop Lyons. You are welcomed to respond to the excerpts.




Lyons Bio     Josiah Newsletter      Literature      Blog      Gallery

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